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On November 20, 2015, student union election was held in Konkuk University (KU) Glocal Campus but declared invalid because the turnout didn’t exceed 50 percent. On the following March, Kim won the by-election by “Am hang uh sa” student union. 53.5 percent of turnout (Counting seniors as graduate-to-be and only participants as the quorum) came out. However, an objection was raised that the by-election should have involved semester seven’s enroller from seniors because it was held in March. If they count semester seven’s enroller as valid voter, the turnout becomes 46.38 percent and the result gets invalid again. Therefore, Central Election Management Commission (CEMC) voted and decided to revote student union election. Kim, who felt unfair of this result, denied the revote and claimed that it was an election custom to count seniors as graduate-to-be and only participants as the quorum. However, CEMC notified disqualification to Kim and Glocal Central Committee members elected Cha Jun-hun (College of International Business) as the committee chairman. Consequently, Kim sued about the election issue and KU Seoul Campus “All Student Representative Meeting” voted to support Kim by making a proclamation.


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