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Do you know about blind date applications? Maybe you have seen their advertisements at least once. It has become one of the places where people meet and start their love. Applications introduce you to new people and then you choose the person you want to meet among them. When someone asks you to meet and you are not satisfied with them, they can also reject the suggestion. If man and woman are both satisfied to each other, they can open a chat room. Then, they can share their real phone number for more contact. Do you think you can meet your real partner this way? There are some couples who met there and eventually get married. However, there are some people who use it as a tool of crime. What do you think about people trying to find their love through blind date applications? Is it good or bad? We have collected the opinions of Konkuk University students. Let us hear their opinions together.




Choi Min-ki / Junior / Division of Interdisciplinary Studies

         I agree with using the blind date application. Nowadays people are so busy studying and working. But if they use this application, they could save time to find partners and it would be convenient. Especially in case of free application, people can make relationship for free. I know that meeting using application can be dangerous. However, people using this application exchange their personal information among themselves. And by this reason, I think that they are already aware of dangers. Also, when introvert people utilize this application, they can break barriers and meet others by overcoming shyness. Moreover, I saw my acquaintance who met her boyfriend using a blind date application. Although there is possibility of failure, it is able people to have serious relationships.


Park Yu-jin, / Senior / English Language & Literature

I agree that blind date application can make mate. I have heard about the application and I saw many people using them. In case of Amanda application, detailed identity needs to be certified. So, it has good reputation and people use this with trust. Although there are strange and bad applications, if people use good application and recognize carefully, people will get a fine mate. People can filter application that has bad intention. To users, it should be necessary choice. Blind date that relates acquaintances has restriction. However, blind date application has less restriction and it depends on the user’s mind whether they will go on a blind date or not. With application, people can look for their mate without acquaintances. Moreover, I can see couples around me developing into serious relationships after using blind date application and often, they have better results.


Jeon Seong-il/ Freshman / Systems Biotechnology Major

I think blind date application is appropriate to meet one’s love. It is not a bad way if you don’t have a matchmaker around and if you really believe you could fall in true love. When timid person demands blind date, he or she hesitates. On the other hand, without worrying, a person can go on a blind date through application. Also, through the application, a person can meet another person that fits their qualification. Among many people, they can meet their ideal type. Moreover, using an application can meet various people without limitation. Therefore, people will have high and rapid possibility to meet their mate. Lastly, most application makers make blind date application. So if users use application with right purpose, one’s love will approach.



Jeong Youn-bi / Senior / Department of Biological Engineering

         I have not used the application of blind date, but I think that it is dangerous to use. Since people can deceive other people by uploading false information, data provided by this application is unreliable. And users don’t know about the people who they are going to meet. Consequently, there is high probability for crime. And the relationship made by the application cannot be serious. Users don’t contemplate about their partner to love and meet anyone. Thus, it is an irrational method to make relationships. Of course, there are many people feeling difficulty to build human relations. However, using the application to overcome their problem is not a fundamental measure. In addition, it is a kind of making relations because they meet new people on a blind date. Therefore, I think that they should seek for more fundamental measures so it cannot be a reason to use the application of blind date.


Kim Sung-bin/Material Science Engineering/Senior

         I heard about the blind date application, and even my acquaintance used it many times. According to his story, he met a woman from that application and before long, they got close to each other. Their relation, however, didn’t last long because of their characters were so different. They even went to the police station because of their dispute. All other cases’ results are similar to this. In a roundabout way, I have an experience of blind date application and I know the side effect of it. The application is optimized to modern men who wants casual meeting. They can use it for their enjoyment in a moment. Therefore, people like me who want to meet partners seriously should avoid these applications. I think this application should be accessed carefully considering to the purpose of the user. I am against to use this application, of course.


Ryou Song-hee/Industrial Design/Senior

         I have never used a blind date application, and I am sure that I will not use it in the future also. The reason that I think blind date application is inappropriate is because it would be hard to develop the relationship into a deeper concept since it is the first time meeting with total strangers. Also, leakage of personal information could occur due to the characteristic of the application. By showing our information on the application, anyone could have access and it could lead to serious effects. Moreover, there are chances for people to use the application for bad reasons. Lastly, people can judge others’ appearance by looking at the photos that they upload, and I think it could be a big humiliation for those who become the subject of it.





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