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The New Engineering building was built in Konkuk University (KU) during summer vacation. To build this building, KU spend 40 billion won, and it occupies about 25000 square meters. It is located in southern land of the Engineering building. Taeyoung and isu construction company had built this building from November, 2014 to August, 2016.

The New Engineering building is the largest building in KU except for the KU hospital. This building contains some facilities which have not only high energy effectiveness but eco-friendly green energy. To improve the environment of existing engineering lab, most labs are transferred to the New Engineering building. The new building was designated with priority given to the lab. Therefore, there are a lot of labs in this building. It contains 127 labs of education which are for the College of Information & Communications and the College of Engineering, 29 labs which are for all colleges, two large lecture rooms, fourteen seminar rooms, and many amenities.

Min Sang-gi, the twentieth KU president said, “The New Engineering building will be the symbol of KU to develop to the global university.”


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