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** Note for tutors: Korean texts in the article is annotated notes & explanation of highlighted expressions. 

Suggested lesson flow:

1. After a short greeting, ask the student to read the article out loud.

2. Go over any vocab or expressions that they don't understand.

3. Go through discussion questions below.

 Gaming the system to save the books



 Over the course of 9 months  last year, some guy named Charles Finley borrowed 2,361 books from East Lake County Library in Orlando, Florida.

Big  bookworm , this Finley guy. Weird thing is, he frequently returned the books within an hour. So, there was clearly some  speed-reading  going on.

 game the system : 시스템을 보호하기 위한 규칙을, 오히려 시스템을 조작하는 데 이용하는 것을 일컫는 영어표현. '법/규칙을 악용하다' 정도?
 over the course of (time) : 시간이 지남에 따라. over the course of 9 months라고 하면 '9개월 동안에, 아홉 달이 지나는 동안에'
 bookworm : 책벌레. 익숙한 영어표현이죠?
 speed-reading : 속독.

Actually, there was no reading going on, because Chuck wasn’t real.

George Dore, a supervisor at that same Orlando library, created the fictional Charles Finley as part of a plan to borrow library books that were  falling out of fashion . He even got Charles a driver’s license and an address to make the whole thing seem extra  legit .

Why  go through all this trouble  just to  check out a couple thousand unpopular books? Because their lives were in danger!

 fall out of fashion : 유행이 지난, 시대에 뒤떨어진.
 (seem) legit : 그럴싸해 보이다. 이 영어표현의 legit은 legitimate(합법의, 적합한)에서 왔는데요. 진짜가 아닌 것을 그럴싸하게 꾸며냈을 때 많이 쓰여요. sound/seem legit으로 쓰는데요, 약간 비꼬는 투로 '그럴싸하네...'라고 하는 그런 느낌?
 go through all this trouble : go through는 힘든 일을 '겪어내다'는 뜻인데요. 이 영어표현은 go through all this trouble "굳이 고생하다, 수고를 들이다" 정도의 뜻이에요.
 check out: (도서관 등에서) 책을 빌리다. 호텔의 경우에는 말 그대로 '체크아웃 하다...'

You see, friends…

When library books sit  dormant  for long periods of time, they’re deemed  irrelevant  by the library’s software, and  taken off the shelves .

But thanks to Charles Finley’s  insatiable  appetite for reading (or so it seemed), Dore was able to inflate the library’s data, trick its algorithm into thinking unpopular books were suddenly  all the rage , and ensure that no books were taken from their homes.

Dore also claims that he was trying to save the library time and money, since books often get taken off the shelves  only to be  repurchased again later.

 dormant : 휴면 상태의. 관련 영어표현으로 휴화산은 dormant volcano, 휴면 계정은 dormant account. 오랫동안 활동이 없거나 쓰이지 않은 것을 뜻해요.
 irrelevant : 부적절한
 insatiable : 만족할 줄 모르는, (욕심 등이) 끝이 없는
 all the rage : 대유행하는
 something happened only to V : 결국 ~하게 되다. 어떤 일이 일어나서 V라는 결과가 초래되었는데, 그 결과가 별로 좋지 않은 경우에 쓰여요.

Wait, there’s more…

The 9 libraries that are part of the Lake County library system receive funding based on circulation levels.

In other words,  the more  books that are checked out, the more money comes flowing in (the George Dore  stunt  alone increased East Lake County’s circulation by 3.9%).

So, could other libraries be involved in similar book checkout schemes? Could there be another Charles Finley out there? A county-wide audit  is underway .

 the more... the more.... : ~할 수록 더 ~하다. e.g. the more, the better. (많을수록 좋다.)
 stunt : 묘기, 주목을 끌기 위한 행위
 something is underway : 영어표현 underway는 '진행 중인'이라는 뜻이에요. something is underway는 무언가가 진행 중이라는 뜻!



Practice expressions

  • game the system
  • over the course of (time) 
  • fall out of fashion
  • (seem) legit
  • go through all this trouble
  • something happened only to be V 
  • the more... the more....
  • something is underway


Discussion Questions

  1. Who is Charles Finley? What did he do? Why did he do it?
  2. Was Dore's action a right thing to do? Why or why not?
  3. Do you use your local library? Share your experience with Cambly tutor!
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