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France’s new law to restore work-life balance


On January 1st, a new French law  took effect  that guarantees workers the “right to disconnect” from technology (work-related emails, your boss asking to FaceTime, etc.) once they leave the office.

After all,  zee  French, with their 35-hour weeks and 10 weeks of paid vacation a year, are  in dire need of more  downtime 

일 주일에 35시간 밖에 일하지 않는 꿀 같은 근무환경의 프랑스. 그런데 이런 프랑스에 새로운 노동 법안에 발효되었나는데... *부러움 주의*
 take effect 발효하다. (김치 발효... 이런 게 아니라. 새로운 법안이 실제로 적용되기 시작했다는 뜻의 영어표현!)
 zee the. 이런 영어표현이 어디서 나왔나 싶지만... 미국에서 프랑스 억양을 우스꽝스럽게 따라할 때 'the' 대신 'zee'를 쓴다고 합니다;; zee French는 그러니까 "the French" 즉 "프랑스 사람들"이라는 뜻!
 in need of something : ~가 필요한, ~를 요하는
 dire : 원래 '무서운, 비참한' 등의 뜻인데, in dire need of something으로 많이 쓰임. 이때는 '절박한, 간절한'
 downtime : 쉬는 시간

All jokes aside, give France credit for  addressing  our new reality

In recent years, the line between work life and home life has become increasingly blurred, even invisible at times.

We’re expected to be accessible 24/7, ready to respond to an email or complete an assignment  at a moment’s notice . And since we spend so much time on our smartphones, it’s virtually impossible to keep things separate.

For example, some of us have the app we use for work communication (say,  Slack ) right next to the app we use for non-work communication (say, iMessage).

What are we, nuts?! Our jobs and our personal lives… separated by a few centimeters.

한국에서도 많은 직장인들을 고통 받게 하고 있는 퇴근 후 카톡 업무 지시, 메일 확인 종용...ㅠㅠ 프랑스에서 먼저 문제제기를 했답니다.
 address something : (주로 어려운 문제 등을) 다루다, 처리하다.
 at a moment's notice : 곧바로, 즉시. 
 Slack : 이건 사실 영어표현이라기엔 뭐하고요^^; 직장 내 팀원들 간 커뮤니케이션을 위한 어플 이름이에요! 사내 메신저 같은...?

Now, some people do prefer this “always on” lifestyle

In fact, plenty of entrepreneurs and startups rally around the whole idea that the work day is never “over.”

However, this inability to disconnect and reboot is also messing a lot of people up, and contributing to the increased levels of stress,  burnout , and damaged relationships we see today.

So, while a country passing legislation that literally lets people ignore work emails is somewhat humorous,  kudos to France for taking this issue seriously and  being proactive .

Question, though: Can you envision the US government implementing something similar? We just can’t see it. So for now, maybe start by charging your cell phone in the living room overnight?

열심히 일하는 것도 좋지만, 충분한 재충전의 시간도 필요한 법. 근데... 한국은요...?
 burnout : 정신적 신체적 에너지가 탈탈 털려 더 이상 아무것도 할 수 없게 되는 무기력한 상태인데요. 한국에서도 '번아웃'이라는 말로 이슈가 된 영어표현!! 
 kudos to someone/something : ~에게 찬사를, ~에게 영광을. 생각보다 자주 보는 영어표현!
 be proactive : 주도적인, 선구적인. 

출처: http://thehustle.co/france-email-law


Practice expressions

  • take effect 
  • in need of something
  • dire
  • downtime
  • address something
  • at a moment's notice 
  • kudos to someone/something


Discussion Questions

  1. How is your life-work balance?
  2. What can you do to improve your life-work balance? What do you think should be done at higher level (corporate/legislative level)
  3. Can you envision the government of your country implementing a similar system? Share your thoughts!
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